Get new Panini Instant cards featuring Suarez, Cavani and Isco!

Get new Panini Instant cards featuring Suarez, Cavani and Isco!

Panini Instant has arrived on FIFA World Cup Trader! Panini Instant brings the latest FIFA World Cup action straight to your card collections! Panini Instant inserts feature significant moments, great plays and outstanding performances from throughout the season.

Panini Instant cards are also available in physical form through the Panini American website. You can get the physical versions of the Panini Instant trading cards by going to the Panini Instant website ( and ordering there!

For our FIFA World Cup Digital fans, we will release new cards featuring outstanding performances and moments from the 2018 FIFA World Cup as they happen!

Today, Panini Instant continues with highlights from the 11th day of games at the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Each Card is available in 4 variations with different Contest Scoring Bonuses:

  • Base Red – 5x Bonus
  • Blue – 10x Bonus
  • Green – 15x Bonus – VIP EXCLUSIVE
  • Black – 25x Bonus – VIP EXCLUSIVE

Today’s Offering includes the following cards

  1. Luis Suarez – Scores seventh FIFA World Cup Goal
  2. Edinson Cavani – Claim top spot in Group A
  3. Isco – Spain responds and advances to Round of 16

Instant cards are available for 1 week only! These 3 cards  will be in the following packs and will expire on 7/5/2018 at 6am EST:

  • Panini Instant Day 12 Pack – 250 coins
    • 1:5 chance for Panini Instant Red Base
    • 1:20 chance for Panini Instant Blue Variation
  • Panini Instant VIP Day 12 Pack – 250 coins
    • 1 guaranteed Panini Instant Red Base
    • 1:5 chance for Panini Instant Blue Variation
    • 1:10 chance for Panini Instant Green Variation – VIP EXCLUSIVE
    • 1:20 chance for Panini Instant Black Variation – VIP EXCLUSIVE


To gain VIP status and access the FIFA VIP Store, just make any coin purchase in the FIFA Coin Store. VIP store access is based on the amount of coins purchased. Visit the coin store for details!


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