2018 FIFA World Cup Team Photo inserts are back! #LimitedTime

The 2018 FIFA World Cup insert cards have returned for this week and are available to collect! You can now chase all 32 Team Photos from each of the teams that played during the 2018 FIFA World Cup! Each team photo insert is available in all gem variations. Collect all 32 Team Photo inserts today!

You can find Team Photo insert cards in the following packs in the Insert Section of the Store:

Team Photo Super Pack

  • 10 total Cards
  • Cost – USD $2.99
  • Contains 1 Team Photo insert from each Gem Level!  (Also includes 12 hours of VIP access)

Team Photo Super VIP Pack

  • 10 total Cards
  • Cost – 5000 coins
  • Contains 1 Team Photo from each Gem Level!

The cards are available for the next 7 days only. Make most of your second chance at these special inserts!

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