Prizm Boxes return for limited time!!

Prizm reloaded in below 2 variants!!
  • Assorted Prizm Box: 35 total cards Cost – 5,000 coins. Contains 7 different Prizm regular packs
  • Assorted Prizm VIP Box: 46 total cards Cost – $3.99 USD. Contains 7 different Prizm VIP packs
Prizm boxes includes 1 of each of the following Prizm pack variant:
  • Prizm Scorers Club
    Prizm New Era Pack
    Prizm Signatures Pack
    Prizm Host Cities
    Prizm National Landmarks
    Prizm Connections
    Prizm Fundamentals
#Prizm Protip: VIP Packs have better odds! They are open to all for a limited time only !!!┬áDon’t forget that you also get VIP access upon any bundle purchase!

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