New Level 9 Emerald cards available with new photography!

New Level 9 Emerald cards available with new photography!

New Emerald Gem Level 9 cards are now available to add to your collections! These new cards feature all new photography of your favorite players and teams!

Collect your favorite players from all 32 FIFA World Cup teams! Cards are currently available to collect in 10 different variations! Each card has different Scoring Bonuses that can help you win your Pack Battles and score higher in FIFA World Cup contests!

  • Opal – Level 1 – Contains a 1x Contest Scoring Bonus
  • Quartz – Level 2 – Contains a 2x Contest Scoring Bonus
  • Turquoise – Level 3 – Contains a 3x Contest Scoring Bonus
  • Amethyst – Level 4 – Contains a 5x Contest Scoring Bonus 
  • Topaz – Level 5 – Contains a 8x Contest Scoring Bonus 
  • Citrine – Level 6 – Contains 10x Contest Scoring Bonus
  • Ruby – Level 7 – Contains 12x Contest Scoring Bonus 
  • Sapphire – Level 8 – Contains 15x Contest Scoring Bonus
  • Emerald – Level 9 – Contains 20x Contest Scoring Bonus – NEW!
  • Diamond – Level 10 – Contains 25x Contest Scoring Bonus

Each Gem Level has its own Gem Specific pack which increases your odds on receiving cards in that Level. For example, the Emerald Level 9 Pack contains a guaranteed Emerald Level 9 card in every pack while the Turquoise Level 3 pack guarantees one Turquoise card per pack. VIP packs contain multiple cards from that level!

You can also find cards of other Gem Levels in every pack. You can see the odds for receiving different cards by clicking the left portion of the pack image in the store and revealing the pack odds and information.


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