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Trivia Challenge Time!

Daily rewards include 500 coins and 1 Topaz VIP pack from the vintage FIFA WC brands! Prize details will be tagged with the Trivia.

Stay on the lookout for the question prompt everyday at 10AM CT !! The Quiz question of the day will be available only until the midnight of the same day. You should be able to see the Trivia in your Collection page or while browsing on the app through the modules.

At the end of the 7 day challenge, users who answered all of the seven questions correct will receive 5,000 coins and a Assorted PRIZM VIP Box!

Note: The daily rewards will be added for the eligible users in 48 hours of the Trivia completion. Mega Prize distribution will be on Tuesday, April 14th.


Time for this week’s Battle Tournament!!

Pack Battle Leaderboard has reset! Start Battling now and watch yourself climb the leaderboard. Contest closes 04/13 at Midnight CST.

The Top#1 spot in the weekly leaderboard will also receive 1 Assorted Emerald Box. And, Rank #2 & Rank #3 will get 1 Assorted Quartz box each!

The Leaderboard prizes for this week are as follows:

Good Luck!




Pack Battle Weekly Tournaments are here!

Join in a little socially distanced competition with the all new Pack Battle Tournaments! Each week compete against your fellow Panini collectors, and see how high the leaderboard you can climb! Leaderboards will be reset each week, and the higher you climb, the better prizes you can win. Collectors finishing high on the leaderboard will be eligible to receive FREE Premium Packs, Coins, and more!

Every Tuesday we will reset the leaderboard and announce the prizes available for that week.

The Top#1 spot in the weekly leaderboard will also receive 1 Assorted Prizm Box. And, Rank #2 & Rank #3 will get 1 Assorted Turquoise box each!

The Leaderboard coin prizes for this week are as follows:

Start battling now and watch yourself climb the leaderboard.

Contest closes 04/06 at Midnight CST


St.Patrick’s Emerald Sale! Limited Time Only!

Get your hands on the discounted Assorted Emerald Boxes! Tune in to the Store today to checkout the Emerald Sale! All Emerald Packs & Boxes @ FLAT 50% OFF!

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Price Previously Sale
$0.99 1,000 coins 1,500 coins
$4.99 6,000 coins 9,000 coins
$9.99 12,500 coins 18,750 coins
$19.99 30,000 coins 45,000 coins
$49.99 100,000 coins 150,000 coins
$74.99 200,000 coins 300,000 coins
$99.99 300,000 coins 450,000 coins

FIFA World Cup Prizm Signature inserts are back!

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Prizm set is now available! You can now collect digital trading cards recreating the immensely popular Prizm brand! The Prizm insert sets feature signatures from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, past FIFA World Cups as well as players from 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying games! There are multiple Signature Sets to chase – Signatures, Signature Moments, Dual Signatures, Triple Signatures and Quad Signatures. This week you can collect Signatures in the following pack:

  • Prizm Signature Pack 
    • 6 Total Cards – Base includes Prizm Base
    • Cost – 0.99 USD – Includes 3 hours of VIP access
    • Signature Inserts – 1 Guaranteed per pack
    • Signature Gold Inserts – 1:10 chance per pack
    • Signature Black Inserts – 1:50 chance per pack
    • Base Camo, Purple, Blue, Red or Red/Blue Variations  – 1:2 chance per pack
    • Base Green/Orange or Black/Gold Variations – 1:20 chance per pack
    • Base Gold or Black Variations – 1:50 chance per pack

Available for 1 week only! Add to your collections today.