This week Prizm brings back Connections for VIPs only!!

This week brings you Prizm Connections! Now available exclusively for VIP users!!

The Connections set includes 20 pairs of the world’s top players that played in 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 2018 FIFA World Cup Prizm Connections cards are currently available in the following pack:

Prizm Connections VIP

  • 6 Total Cards – Base includes Prizm Base
  • Cost – 1000 coins
  • Connections – 1 Guaranteed per pack
  • Connections Gold – 1:25 chance per pack
  • Connections Black – 1:75 chance per pack
  • Base Camo, Purple, Blue, Red or Red/Blue Variations  – 1 Guaranteed per pack
  • Base Green/Orange or Black/Gold Variations – 1:15 chance per pack
  • Base Gold or Black Variations – 1:25 chance per pack

Available for the next 7 days only. Hit the VIP Store and grab the packs before they are gone!