Pack Battle Weekly Tournaments are here!

Join in a little socially distanced competition with the all new Pack Battle Tournaments! Each week compete against your fellow Panini collectors, and see how high the leaderboard you can climb! Leaderboards will be reset each week, and the higher you climb, the better prizes you can win. Collectors finishing high on the leaderboard will be eligible to receive FREE Premium Packs, Coins, and more!

Every Tuesday we will reset the leaderboard and announce the prizes available for that week.

The Top#1 spot in the weekly leaderboard will also receive 1 Assorted Prizm Box. And, Rank #2 & Rank #3 will get 1 Assorted Turquoise box each!

The Leaderboard coin prizes for this week are as follows:

Start battling now and watch yourself climb the leaderboard.

Contest closes 04/06 at Midnight CST


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$49.99 100,000 coins 150,000 coins
$74.99 200,000 coins 300,000 coins
$99.99 300,000 coins 450,000 coins